Cash Flow

List CashFlow

GET /v1/cash-flow

URL Parameters
rowsA limit of objects to be returned, between 1 and 100 itemsOptional
pageThe page for the list of objects to returnOptional
cursorThe cursor of the current page list of objectsOptional

The above request returns JSON structured like this:

totalThe total of items
items.amountAmount for the cash flow record, net value
items.amount_deductionsTotal amount of the deductions for the record
items.categoryCategory of the cash flow record
items.descriptionA little description
items.is_parceledThe flag that marks if the current record is parceled/has installments
items.is_paidThe flag that marks if the current record is paid
items.installment_totalTotal number of installments (if parceled is true)
items.installment_periodThe installment period (if parceled is true)
items.installment_numberThe current number of installment that this record represents
items.is_recurrenceThe flag that marks if the current record is recurrent
items.recurrence_sequence_numberThe sequence number for the recurrence record
items.payment_methodThe payment method
items.broker_commission_idThe ID of the broker commission associated
items.policy_idThe ID of the policy associated
items.claim_idThe ID of the claim associated
items.payer_namePayer name for this record
items.payer_documentPayer document for this record
items.drawer_nameDrawer name for this record
items.drawer_documentDrawer document for this record
items.drawer_bank_accountDrawer bank account
items.deductionsThe deductions for each item
items.deductions.amountThe deduction amount
items.deductions.descriptionThe deduction description
items.deductions.factorThe deduction factor percentage if applicable
items.dateThe date when the record was created
items.deleted_atThe deletion date for this record
items.date_cash_in_outThe date for cash in/out
items.date_cash_in_out_forecastThe forecast date for cash in/out
The cash flow category can be:
One Of
ChannelSale, ChannelRecurrentSale, Deductible, PolicyReversal, Fine, Taxes, BrokerAgency, BrokerCommission, StipulateProLabor, Claim, BalanceAdjustment
The cash flow installment period can be:
One Of
daily, monthly, yearly
  "total": 0,
  "items": [
      "id": "string",
      "amount": 0,
      "amount_deductions": 0,
      "category": "string",
      "description": "string",
      "is_parceled": true,
      "is_paid": false,
      "installment_total": 0,
      "installment_period": "string",
      "installment_number": 0,
      "is_recurrence": true,
      "recurrence_sequence_number": 0,
      "payment_method": "string",
      "broker_commission_id": "string",
      "policy_id": "string",
      "claim_id": "string",
      "payer_name": "string",
      "payer_document": "string",
      "drawer_name": "string",
      "drawer_document": "string",
      "drawer_bank_account": {},
      "deductions": [
          "amount": 0,
          "description": "string",
          "factor": 1.0
      "date": "string",
      "deleted_at": "string",
      "date_cash_in_out": "string",
      "date_cash_in_out_forecast": "string"