About the Platform

The platform brings new technological visions, where it focuses on the optimization of processes and reduction of manual work following the latest and safest trends in the market. In the Project, we aim at adhering to processes linked to the legacy system platform with external channels for handling and digital insurance management, maintaining good market practices, technologies used for mass control, and providing multiple relationship channels for partners and direct customers.

We employ a technology focused around some established pillars. according to the best market practices, bringing strong influences international.

Therefore, we have established an extremely robust technological foundation and extensible to meet high-level demands, supplying the market Brazilian and international sustainable alternatives, with regard to management and distribution of insurance products. From the creation of friendly APIs, to the provision of personalized channels for brokers and distributors.

We believe that technological innovation follows the quality of products and the competitiveness in relation to the market, directly impacting the experience customers and the satisfaction of our partners. More than a restrictive selection of technologies and tools, we chose to adopt a varied group of concepts and techniques, to better conceive our organization in its technological foundation